An Indian wardrobe is incomplete without Salwar Kameez. Simply put – a versatile combination of a tunic or top – which may be of various lengths or may be in any silhouette – with a matching or contrasting bottom comprises the Salwar Kameez. For ease of explanation – all tops/ tunics are called as Kameez, while the bottoms are clubbed under the (now) umbrella term of Salwar.

Given its ease of wearing and suitability for Indian weather and cultural precincts, Salwar Kameez Duppatta, despite not being entirely Indian in its origin, is one of the most popular Indian apparel styles. Excellent in terms of versatility and utility, Salwar Kameez is actually the Indian equivalent of the perpetually indispensable denims and white T-shirt combo. Often viewed as regular Punjabi attire, Salwar Kameez – in its various forms – is actually worn across cultures in the Indian Subcontinent, and by many other ethnicities.

Salwar Kameez combo is also called as Salwar Suit or simply Suit or even the Indian dress. Women tend to combine Kameez with a variety of bottoms, and also create Indo-Western and fusion combinations by pairing Kameez – also known as Kurta – with Jeans and trousers. From work-wear to wedding-wear and travel-wear, the Kameez or Kurta is a wardrobe staple for every Indian woman. In fact, women from other countries, who have ever tried this easy-breezy silhouette, too have fallen to the ease and charm of this garment. From weddings, functions and parties to offices, meetings, corporate scenarios and regular day-to-day set-ups – to even red carpet events – Salwar Suits, in their umpteen designs and avatars – are a constant and one of the most bankable companions to the Indian and ethnic women.

There are technically three elements in the Salwar Kameez Duppatta ensemble. The long/ short flared, straight, A-line, paneled or pleated tunic style top-wear is known as the Kameez or Kurta. In North India, parts of Pakistan and among Punjabi communities, which are said to be the source of this apparel, Kameez has been traditionally paired with Salwar – a pleated, loose, flared lower separate that typically tapers at the hem. Duppatta or the Odhani forms the third element of this combination.

It is a flat length of fabric, often speckled with embroidered buttis, sequins or glitter, or styled with borders, lace, beads etc. It is casually drapes across the top/ bodice of Kameez or around the neck. It can be equated to the Western wrap/ stole.

Salwar Kameez Duppatta is a huge category in Indian Ethnic Wear. Although, there are hundreds of variations available to the standard Kurta, Bottom and Wrap combo – ranging from Palazzo Suits, Lehenga Suits, Churidar Suits, Anarakali Suits to Regular-wear Salwar Suits, Designer Salwar Suits and Party Wear Suits – an umbrella term (Salwar Kameez) is used for the ease of categorization. There is a lot of Middle-Eastern, Islamic and Pakistani influence on ethnic suits. With growing popularity of beautiful design elements from exotic destinations like Turkey, Jordon, Morocco, Indonesia and more – the Salwar Suits come with a global edge now. Abaya-style Salwar Suits, Anarkalis and Pakistani Suits are also quite famous now.

Given the amazing and endless variety and versatility of Salwar Suits – they are embraced by girls and women of all ages, socio economic backgrounds (SEC) and design sensibilities. Ones averse to the Indian ethnic-wear also fail to stay away from this spectacularly flexible ethnic-wear outfit. Fusion-wear Suits and Indo-Western Suits are quite popular among this segment – who likes global design elements in this eternally classy yet chic desi fashion garment.

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Salwar Suits Styles

Over the years, Salwar Suit styling, Kameez lengths and silhouettes, varieties of salwars and bottoms have evolved considerably – taking into account the changing needs, preferences and design sensibilities.

In the more contemporary segments, Duppatta may actually not be used at all. Or, it may take the form of a narrower strip of fabric, more ornate, but way lighter – or just a simple stole or wrap.

There are many varieties of Salwars – varying from the ones with narrower ankles/ ponchas to the ones with wider ends, with belts, flared ones and multiple pleated ones. Patiala Salwar Suits are one of the most popular variant, which are often paired with shorter varieties of Kameezes/ Kurtis.

These days, Salwar is often substituted with Churidars/ Chudidars – the narrow, leg-fitting bottom that forms many round, bangle-like creases (Churis) at the ankles. The traditional Churidars that originally evolved from the Nawabi/ Muslim tradition are getting replaced by Designer Chudidars with adornments and also lycra leggings and cotton stretch leggings. You can buy all types of designer and casual wear Chudiar Suits from

Wide pant style bottoms are also routinely used as substitutes to salwars. Palazzos, parallels, culottes, cigarette pants, pleated pants, trousers etc. are oft-used wide ankle pants – paired with Kurtas and gherdaar Kameezes of varied lengths. At, you can browse and buy every style of Kurta-Pants sets, in categories like Indo-Western Suits and Trousers Suits. Kameez is also being paired with Lehengas and Skirts these days. This is a take from the popular Islamic dress of Sharara Suits and Garara Suits, where the flared bottoms are combined with fitted, straight or flared tunics.

Last, but not the least, Kameez, like its counterparts, too has undergone plenty of changes, and is crafted in myriad styles. From straight cut Kameez to loose fitting Kurtas, to shorter, more demure Kurtis, and flowy Ananrkali Suits and gorgeous form-flattering paneled ones – Kameez has many avatars.

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